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ikue -Made of paper and gold-

ikue -Jewelry made of paper and gold-


紙と金のジュエリーJewelry made of paper and gold

Sampōkin (Full Gilt Edging) had been used to
preserve bibles from deterioration since long ago.
The gold applied to edge of the paper was
for functional purpose as well as a decorative element
to make the books aureate and beautiful.
IKUE is accessory made of paper and gold to expand
the possibility of traditional Sampōkin and the paper.
Through the layers of paper outlined with glit,
we aim to express our layers of wishes to hand down
the tradition to the next generation
and to develop the technology.


Creative DirectionGenki Harada / Nori Yokoyama
PlanningGenki Harada
Art DirectionNori Yokoyama
Product Design Genki Harada
Graphic DesignNori Yokoyama
PhotographKoya Yamashiro
Copy RightKeita Kobayashi
Web DirectorYusuke Hino